Twitter Snapshot: RT @Twitter "tweeting the Twitter"

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Today, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams’ talk from TED2009 was posted and we all began to tweet, creating a labyrinth of self-reference. Here are a few choice selections from the day’s activity:

Twitter State of the Union, courtesy of TED.com. Definitely an idea worth spreading. — tapdraw

Watching @ev present at TED on video about Twitter and tweeting it. That is just inneresting.kwells2416

just saw a nice little TED talk on Twitter… made me excited for our times :) — rcajias

TED talk on Twitter – quite interesting, lots I didn’t know about it’s development — icepoet

twitter on TED been waiting for this one — biyingw

Can’t … resist … tweeting the twitter TED talk — eulenherr

eating a turkey sandwich and watching a talk about twitter on Ted.com — michaelbyers

Another little slice of life, via Twitter.