Live from TEDGlobal

Twitter Snapshot: Stephen Fry shares what he knows

Actor and author Stephen Fry boldly took to the stage at TEDGlobal (sporting a multi-colored tie in defiance of TED’s no-tie policy) to touch on a pastiche of topics, including philosophy, culture, experience and intellect. The following comments from Twitter embody viewers’ reactions to Fry’s talk:

Stephen Fry on stage with a tie – which is illegal at TED :) — Idit

“The real mistery of life is in the visible not in the invisible.” Fry. — eRomanMe

“Cambridge produces martyrs, Oxford burns them” an old saying from @stephenfry #ted (via @iamhelenharrop) Never heard before! :)) — inckognito

Fry good talk on physicality, art, essence. emotion, intellect and third culture incl. Adams & Snow — vangeest

A beautiful person or thing has substance but “Beauty” itself doesn’t exist. Nothing abstract does. – Stephen Fry — AmyLeaman