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Twitter Snapshot: Stefan Sagmeister on how sabbaticals can keep you busy

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In a focused and nuanced talk, Stefan Sagmeister talked today at TED Global about his unique way of keeping a fresh perspective in his work and in his life. He also shared some of his innovative designs. Here was the feedback from Twitter:

Stefan Sagmeister: closes is studio every 8th year, essentially taking 5 of his retirement years interspersed into his lifestreamkokoe2

Three mechanical dogs running a lamp across the room! :D One of many design examples from Stefan Sagmeister — leeander

5% of the tedsters in Oxford have taken a sabbatical – Sagmeister’s advice is for the others to talk to them about it — iamhelenharrop

Stefan Sagmeister invented a logo generator of AWESOMENESS! <- GOLD — grumblemouse

beautiful insight on branding from Stefan Sagmeister “Sameness is overrated” — SethDaggett

TED Global 2009 Stefan Sagmeister “Obsessions make my life worse but my work better” — bwdumars

The conference is only just getting started, and you’ll find plenty of reaction coverage right here, so make sure to come back often.