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Twitter Snapshot: James Geary and his amazing aphorisms

Aphorist James Geary took to the TED Global stage in vibrant fashion, reciting a large portion of his talk while juggling. In his talk, he laid down the laws all aphorisms must heed, and the Twitterverse responded delightedly to his musings.

James Geary Mirrors will do better to reflect a little bit more before sending information backIdit

Geary will juggle while giving laws of aphorisms. Aphorisms must be brief. (His juggling is not world-class, but his speech is.) — ruthannharnisch

Aphorism: Short, definitive, not necessarily true, refuge of skepticism -Geary — eRomanMe

James Geary on aphorisms, e.g., Love is that brief moment of time when someone holds the same opinion of us as we do of ourselves. jenbrea

A weekend wasted is not a wasted weekend. James Geary Fifth law. It must have a twist. Sixth law, it must have a tweet. — aviatorone

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