Twitter Snapshot: Bill Gates — an optimist and a comedian?

We certainly saw a peak of activity on Twitter as Bill Gates gave his TED2009 presentation.


There were two main impressions of the talk, both not typical of the technological giant’s image. People came away deeply inspired and amused. Take a look:

Gates is such an inspiring change agent. I wish that more people in the world took action 2 make change. What a world it would b! #TED — leighleighsf

Bill Gates a comedian! Talking about malaria. Pretended to loose mosquitoes from jar. “Not only poor people shd have the experience” — helenwalters

Bill Gates: “I am an optimist. Every problem can be solved. And there some important ones out there.” — heartnsoul

Anderson opened an Apple computer in front of Gates as Gates was saying “there needs to be a diversity of ideas.” Everyone laughs.laureltouby

Gates: I’m as engaged in the new job as I ever was in software; these are amazing issues … it’s magic in the same way software was. — samwise

Gates seems to have found a winning combination — hope and humor.

Photo: TED / James Duncan Davidson