Twitter Snapshot: Steve Truglia wants to jump from space

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Stuntman Steve Truglia plans to jump to earth from the edge of space. His talk at TEDGlobal 2009 included the facts that he’ll be falling at the speed of sound while clad in a customized spacesuit. Be sure to follow Steve on Twitter and check out what viewers of the online feed had to say about this ambitious stunt:

Steve Truglia shows how technology is reshaping stunt. — tedtochina

We’re listening to Steve Truglia now, who’s planning a parachute jump from the edge of SPACE…that’s120,000 feet!!vikkichowney

Truglia: Jumping from the edge of space, “The greatest stunt on earth.” — TEDxCambridge

Truglia demos prototype space jump suit – only weighs 15 pounds. Looking for his major sponsor. Any takers for the biggest stunt ever? — ruthannharnisch

Stuntman Steve Truglia at TEDGlobal: “Being run over is never easy. But now we have padding and fantastic shock-absorbing things.” — DesignObserver