Twitter Snapshot: Janine Benyus observes how nature influences design

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In her talk today, biomimicrist Janine Benyus made the case that we can learn a lot from nature. In keeping with this idea, here’s what TEDsters on Twitter learned from her:

Janine benyus: Nature is a selfcoordinating genius with no top down commander.. — lucadebiase

Imagine designing spring” biomimicry expert Janine Banyus. “Whenever you want to invent something, start with nature.” — Idit

Janine Benyus: To solve a design problem, ask “What would nature do?” — DanielPink

Benyus shows us images of wind turbines that mimic whale flippers to reduce drag by 30% and can turn in very slow winds. — frogdesign

Benyus: Look to nature for engineering inspiration. “We┬┤re not the first ones to build houses for our young” — TEDxCambridge