Twitter Snapshot: Mathieu Lehanneur blends fantasy and functionality

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Designer Mathieu Lehanneur presented several of his imaginative creations, inspired by the interplay of nature and technology. Among his designs: a petaliferous antibiotic, an interactive lung for asthmatic children, a sound-neutralizing fiber-optic ball, and Andrea- an air filtration unit that harnesses the natural processes of living plant systems (to name a few). The audience was quite impressed on Twitter:

Mathieu Lehanneur: Peel-and-eat antibiotic that encourages patients to complete treatment. Cool. — joeltalks

Mathieu Lehanneur: Therapeuitic Objects: The 3rd Lung: Asthmatic kids learn to trust/need the object which in turn needs himkokoe2

Lehanneur follows the theme of invisible design, as if an object’s function exists implicitly and invisibly around itbrainpicker

Mathieu Lehanneur: LOCAL RIVER, an indoor mini-system, to filter water. (permaculture in the livng room!) — kokoe2

Fantastic ball from mathieu lehanneur: it positions itself in the center of noise and annihilates it by emitting the opposite soundwaveostinelli