Twitter Snapshot: Rebecca Saxe on how the brain invents the mind

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In her talk at TEDGlobal, cognitive neuroscientist Rebecca Saxe presented her breakthrough discovery of a particular section of the brain that becomes active when we contemplate the workings of other minds. Here’s what people had to say about this remarkable and “brainy” talk:

Crap. Another #TED talk by someone who is half my age and 10x my brain power. When I hear ‘brain’, I think zombies. — casinclair

Saxe uses magnetic pulses to temporarily disorganize specific regions of the brain. Perfectly safe, I am sure, but a little freaky. — TEDxCambridge

Rebecca is fascinating. She works at MIT & uses FMRI to identify what happens in our brains when we think about the beliefs of others — vikkichowney

TED is like drinking from five fire hoses. And it’s only Wednesday. Rebecca Saxe, neuroscientist, had a fascinating talk on the mind. — beckyblanton

Rebecca Saxe talks about using pulses to alter moral judgments, and how she gets calls from the military. She doesn’t pick up. — shanehegarty

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