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Twitter Snapshot: Cindy Gallop surprises TED2009 with a frank talk about pornography

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Cindy Gallop took the stage at TED2009 to premiere her new website: In language not often heard at TED, this bold personality described her newest project.


Some real time reactions from Twitter:

In our culture, hard core porn has become a de-facto substitute for sex education: thus, unveiled at TED http://makelovenotporn.comtimoreilly

TED Live: Cindy Gallop surprise appearance. Talks about the ridiculous notion that “teen abstinence would actually work.” Right on. — brainpicker

TED DIscussing Porn with Cindy Gallop. Probably the first time the words “Cum on my face” been used repeatedly at TED. — sdgeek

TED Live: Cindy Gallop’s site takes the myths of hardcore porn and balances them with reality. Not anti-porn.rainpicker

If this post made you blush a little, you aren’t alone:

I love this talk, but cannot tweet it. — missrogue

Never a dull moment at TED2009.

Watch this talk:

Photo: TED / Asa Mathat