Twitter Snapshot: Henry Markram builds and explains brains

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Henry Markram is a cortex visionary. This means he is trying to build the equivalent of a human brain through software as the director of Blue Brain. While this occupied a significant portion of his talk, he also literally delved into the center of a brain (in an astonishing 3D model). The folks on Twitter seemed quite impressed with his presentation:

… Q4 Henry Markram (TEDG-S5): How long before we can upload our brains & thus live forever? And will we be Mac, PC or Open source?bizlike

2 billion people are affected by mental health disorders – understanding the brain opens up the possibility of offering concrete helpiamhelenharrop

Unbelievable. Watching an awesome clip of the movements of electrical current within the brain when it’s stimulated — vikkichowney

Markram 99% of what you “see” comes to you through inference of the brain. (Yikes. The Matrix plot in real life, eh?) — ruthannharnisch

Henry Markram (cortex visionary) THE most brilliant talk today at TedGlobal brain able to create copy of itself! — Idit