Twitter Snapshot: Manuel Lima’s new way to see networks and data

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Interaction designer Manuel Lima was a last-minute addition to the TEDGlobal 2009 program, but he made an impact by showcasing his new method for displaying data and networks. TheĀ Twitterverse was enthralled:

listening to manuel lima and hearing about data vis that is actually useful and not just something marketing people like — @clemo

People are using Flickr to plot the most popular tourist pathways in cities. Derivative and hidden data is amazing and a bit scary. — @liaonet

noticing that my favourite #ted talk seems to be ‘whatever talk I’m watching right now’ – Manuel Lima’s *definitely* my fave tho — @iamhelenharrop

Check out visualcomplexity.com amazing way to see networks — @liaonet

“[Data visualization] is becoming the syntax of a new language.” . [yep!] — @brainpicker

Manuel Lima is one of the many TEDGlobal speakers you can follow on Twitter.