Twitter Snapshot: David Deutsch boggles minds

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Quantum physicist David Deutsch is at TEDGlobal talking about how the stars shine, reality as conjecture and parallel universes. It’s fascinating, but some of us are a little mentally intimidated and Twitter reflected that.

Day 2 @ TED. Settling in for a talk by quantum theorist David Deutsch. Is my mind ready fir this one?afar_diaz

will virtually hug the first tweeter to tweet the ‘what makes stars shine’ formula ;-) in David Deutsch’s talk — iamhelenharrop

David Deutsch “The Nature of Scientific Explanation” is beyond my twit-ability, sorry. Must. Focus. Brain. Hurts.ruthannharnisch

Chris Anderson asks physicist David Deutsch how the whole parallel universe thing is going.shanehegarty

David Deutsch talking about how we should look for the explanation that is the hardest to vary in order to progress in knowledge. — tweodor

Well then, there’s a reason for all the headache.