Twitter Snapshot: Marcus du Sautoy on symmetry

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Marcus du Sautoy used his math and science skills to open Session 6 with a thorough talk about symmetry. Reactions to this talk on Twitter seemed to range from amusing to challenging, but to be fair, Marcus du Sautoy did challenge the audience first.

You know you’re at #TED when mathematicians get cheers on stage. :)christinelu

Marcus du Sautoy talks about symmetry and likes the Alhambra (which happens to be my view right now :-) — TEDxCambridge

Thinking about symmetries giving me a slight headache :-) — liaonet

Sorry, has to be for me –> “mathematics is not a spectator sport” says Marcus du Sautoy — Thandelike

“Leaving something incomplete makes it interesting” quotes Mathematician Marcus du Sautoy. Next article from me will be half written. — WiredUK

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