Twitter Snapshot: Misha Glenny digs into the mystery of organized crime

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Journalist Misha Glenny expounded upon the ideas presented in his book McMafia, on how organized crime has run rampant in Western society. TEDsters reporting via Twitter were abuzz with this talk, especially Glenny’s stat that states organized crime accounts for “15% of the world’s GDP.”

Apparently it is the western world that fuels global organised crime. I can believe that! TarikF

… Underworld Investigator Misha Glenny “organized crime accounts for 15% of the world’s GDP.” This is remarkablemeetforeal

Misha Glenny on organised crime – Fascinating – although i knew about the reach of organised crime had never put it all together – Wowmojonojo3

… Misha Glenny: Organised crime equals 15% of global GDP #TED (yet crackdowns reserved for young, mentally ill, addicts…) — neilsonandrew

Misha Glenny was an engaging, entertaining, informative speaker – a standout for me (even tho we read “McMafia” already). — ruthannharnisch