Twitter Snapshot: Reconnect brings powerful images to TED2009

First, film producer Jake Ebert and director Jacques Perrin wowed attendees with footage from their new documentary “Oceans.” On the heels of that experience came Yann-Arthus Bertrand a photographer who has embarked on a project to connect us all.

Here’s the reactions from TED2009 via Twitter:

Saw audience members brought to tears by footage of Oceans. Simply incredible – #TED amazing film — austinhill

ted – French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, ecological photography, stunning views of a ravaged earth. — jasonsack

TED Footage from “Oceans” gave me chills. Inspiring. Moving. This movie has just staggered me. — SdGeek

As he exposes us to beautiful art and visual images he says “We don’t to believe what we know” Yann A. Bertrand #TED — Padmasree

“Oceans” gets a standing ovation at TED. — pjk

Amazing,Yann Arthus-Bertrand is giving away his movie to TV, Film, & online for free, use it, share it, help educate the world, Jun 5th #TED — austinhill

TED just been shown Oceans, a wonderful movie about our waterworld. I love the positive approach; Show the beauty, show what will be missed — eternia

It seems that the TEDsters had no problem finding their connection to these images.