Twitter Snapshot: Emmanuel Jal sings for peace

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Hip-hop artist Emmanuel Jal started his talk today on a poignant note by recounting his life as a war child in Sudan. Jal’s outlet for his inspirational life and desire for peace has been channeled into his music (he performed after talking). Everyone tweeting on the #TED hashtag seemed genuinely touched:

moving and very authentic talk by Emmanuel Jal. great! —vangeest

TED made me cry againsamfromwgtn

Not sure why Emmanuel Jal insists on being called a hip-hop artist – he’s an inspired, profound poetbrainpicker

TED is a purportedly a place for inspiration, not for a danceparty – Emmanuel Jal showed it can be both. He’s absolutely inspiring — kn0thing

not one to be emotional. In fact my wife thinks i’m half Vulcan. But Emmanuel Jal has managed to bring a lump to my throatjonfildes

Great seeing Tedsters united through dance and musicSlickTweets

Jal is the voice of others. He speaks for the dead, for the living without voices. — ruthannharnisch

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