Twitter Snapshot: Elaine Morgan believes in aquatic apes

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Octogenarian scientist Elaine Morgan became the oldest speaker in TED’s history (at the sprightly age of 90) at TEDGlobal 2009 when she presented her addition to evolutionary science: the theory of aquatic apes. Here’s how the excited crowd on Twitter responded to her vibrant talk:

Elaine Morgan talking pure sense at #TED about paradigm shift and aquatic ape theory – and in a Welsh accent too. — rorysutherland

Of all the big ideas at TEDGlobal, Elaine Morgan’s radical theories on the aquatic ape evolutionary theory are most challenging yet. — shanehegarty

Elaine Morgan aquatic ape theory has been miscategorised as lunatic fringe! It’s not lunatic fringe!izahoor

Someone get this woman a #TED prize. ‘soon’ Elaine Morgan rocks. — casinclair

LOVE IT! Elaine Morgan ended her TED talk with, “Never be afraid to rock the boat.” She got a LOT of cheers over that! Loved her talk!beckyblanton

Wow, Elaine Morgan’s talk was exactly what #TED is all about. Brave, intelligent, and f***ing hard to ignore. Brilliant! — RichMulholland

On Elaine Morgan, I’m impressed by people who follow their passion and refuse to give up, even if everyone else calls you foolhardy — jenbrea

Elaine Morgan has just convinced me that we are fishpeopleladysatin