Twitter Snapshot: The Radio Science Orchestra with Lydia Kavina

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The Radio Science Orchestra united with Lydia Kavina, great-niece of Leon Theremin who invented the eponymous electronic instrument in 1920, to deliver a stellar performance at the start of Session 9: Revealing Energy. Kavina and the RSO played several futuristic selections, albeit without actually touching a physical instrument, but rather by interacting with the theremin’s electromagnetic field! Kavina and the RSO certainly captured the wonder of the audience on Twitter:

Incredible. Lydia Kavina acts as if she is plucking the air & using her fingers as bowstrings. Amazing spectacle as well as aural treat — jobsworth

Radio Science Orchestra. Makes me feel like a naive child – how do they make music from air?FrankiesFancies

Radio Science Orchestra rocking the Doctor Who theme but are the TEDsters up in the aisle dancing again? — WiredUK

Niece of the creator of the Theremin playing Dr. Who themesong at #TED. Serious geekfest moment. http://yfrog.com/7hmkzsjdavetroy

Dr Who on the Theramin. Madder than a box of frogs but perfect for 1st session after lunch. http://twitpic.com/bbmx7MarkLittlewood

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