Twitter Snapshot: Eric Giler shows off wireless energy

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“Wires suck” was how electrician and innovator Eric Giler validated the motivation behind his startup WiTricity, which he demonstrated today in his talk at TEDGlobal 2009. Naturally, the main response was from people very eager to give it a try:

Eric Giler on the fantastic prospect of wirelessly charging our devices! (Would come in handy in simulcast lounge where outlets =gold) — ruthannharnisch

Eric Giler’s “Wireless Electricity” gives me hope for a greener future. Can’t wait for him to demonstrate the technology. — techramblers

I am indeed. In heaven. And Eric Giler is full of win. — kn0thing

Eric Giler: live demo of tv powered completely wirelessy. Also electric cars won’t need to be plugged in. Witricity – fantasticbrenthoberman

Wireless connectivity to charge your electronics! Awesome! … — sangco