Twitter Snapshot: Parag Khanna on the appearance and disappearance of borders

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Geopolitical expert Parag Khanna examined the historic and present-day implications of nation-state borders. Borders may be popping up on the atlas year after year, however, in practical human interactions, borders seem to be vanishing. A critical component to guiding this trend in a benevolent direction is building infrastructure. Followers on Twitter were receptive to Khanna’s ideas:

Great presentation by Parag Khanna at #ted on the dangers of clinging to existing arbitrary national bordersnauiokaspark

Parag Khanna http://bit.ly/cHgLX gives a tour d’horizon of the world’s proximate futureTEDxCambridge

Turkey does not have to be member of EU, it is already member of Euro-Turkish superpower by pipelines said Parag Khanna @paragkhanna — nanoturkiye

Parag Khanna, geopoliticalist: 100 new countries since WW2. World fragmenting. Conflict can be overcome with crossborder infrastucture.pangy_twit

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