Twitter Snapshot: Eric Sanderson rediscovers "Mannahatta"

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The last day of TEDGlobal 2009 kicked off with landscape biologist Eric Sanderson, who gave a thrilling look at the Mannahatta Project– a re-envisioning of Manhattan in its original, 17th-century glory. This Google Earth of ancient New York definitely wowed the TEDsters on Twitter:

Eric Sanderson: Amazing how many water sources have disappeared from NYC since Revolutionary Days. He looks for lost features of NYC. — ruthannharnisch

Eric Sanderson doing a marvelous job of historical mapping. Great use of GIS, anthropology, history and ecology. A world that once waspragzter

Sanderson should get funding to map the world before we destroy it! We owe it to our kids! Cmon TED give him support!rom

Eric Sanderson opens Session 11, “Cities Past and Present,” with fascinating maps on optimal citibilitybrainpicker

Amazing talk by Eric Sanderson: Manhattan as you’ve never seen it. Beautiful. — nauiokaspark

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