Twitter Snapshot: Constanza Ceruti explores above and beyond

TED Fellow Constanza Ceruti provided a captivating look at her work as a high-altitude archaeologist. Her talk included breathtaking pictures of the Andean mountains and details of what she’s learned from mummies. The Twitter feedback proved fascinated:

Ceruti lived inside the crater of an open volcano for over 3 weeks. WOW. — brainpicker

Constanza Cerruti, dedicating her talk to mentor who died suddenly while she was enroute 2 TEDGlobal. God Bless him. what a protege!pragzter

for peace she just climbs to remote high elevation mountains! — Gabelapagos

Constanza Cerruti is AMAZING. Found 3 incan children mummies on the world’s highest archeological site. Research showed Incan diets. — pragzter

Ceruti – Peruvian archaeological adventures at 19,000 feet . Hard to believe this unassuming, sweet person is Superwoman. — ruthannharnisch

You can find out more about the TED Fellows program here.