Twitter Snapshot: Hans Rosling, a perennial favorite

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In a surprise appearance earlier today, Hans Rosling, who is counted among the 10 most popular TEDTalks, lit up TED2009 by clearly illustrating statistics on HIV/AIDS. His boundless energy and colorful graphics caused TEDsters to respond with equally enthusiastic tweets. Let’s take a peek:

Here comes Hans Rosling, of course, almost everyone’s favorite TED talks — whiteafrican

Hans Rolsing holding a metal pole “I have solidified the beam of a laser” LOL! #TED —

TED sword swallower, statistician, professor, gapminder Hans Rosling is on — afromusing

we have now reached a steady state for HIV, and if you don’t believe him, hans rosling will beat you with his huge staff of power ted — senatorgrant

TED Hans Rosling showing growth of aids epidemic on great interactive graph, shows global patterns and understand it in entirely new way. — eveblossom

Hans Rosling: “50% of HIV-infected persons are in 4% of world population in Southern Africa.” ted — heartnsoul

Rosling: “Terrible simplification that there is one Africa. It’s not respectful and it’s not clever.” — HelenWalters

Hans managed — yet again — to teach us all that statistics are the world’s greatest mythbusters.