Twitter Snapshot: Nalini Nadkarni hugs trees and Chris Anderson

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Nalini Nadkarni, researcher of and advocate for trees has caused quite a sensation at TED2009. Her passionate projects to save the canopy provoked energized responses from attendees, including a hug from Chris Anderson.

Nalini Nadkarni at TED2009, Photo: TED/Asa Mathat

Here’s what people were saying via Twitter:

Tree Researcher Nalini Nadkarni says tree canopies foster biodiversity & keep our global climate stable. — leighleighsf

Mosses that take 50 years to regenerate are being stripped from the Biome for florist baskets — ashdonaldson

#TED They buy thrift store barbies, and dress them up and distribute them as “Tree Top Barbie”. Genius. — SdGeek

ecologist (ted speaker) nalini nadkarni recruited prisoners to grow moss successfully! lots of time. no sunlight. no sharp tools. — jenny8lee

Science and sustainability programs in prisons. Prisons as green thinktanks.jasonsack

TED Live: Nalini Nadkarni “The world of academia is a rather inward-looking one. I’m trying to get researchers to look outward.” — brainpicker

TED Live: @TEDChris to Nalini Nadkarni: “In a totally appropriate way, I think I may be a little bit in love with you.” Me too! — brainpicker

With vision like hers, it’s hard not to love Nalini.