Twitter Snapshot: Evan Williams speaks, and everyone Tweets

By far the most Twitter activity TED2009 has seen happened when Evan Williams, creator of Twitter, took the stage. Here’s a look at the action:


talking right now about Twitter, at TED. Ahh, I’m trapped in a self-referential cycle! — wilshipley

“sometimes when i consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, i realize all things are little.” – on stage by @ev TED — nilofer

President Obama is our #1 Twitter user but he kind of lets us down a little recently” @ev — loic

“it seems that when you give people easy tools to communicate, good things happen.” by @ev — whiteafrican

Chris Anderson tweeted his own comic relief, in a demonstration of Twitter’s new search function:

Evan Williams is just DYING on stage here at #TED. Worst talk ever — TEDchris

Not to be outdone, Evan Williams tweeted this during his TEDTalk:

Wow, it’s bright up here, and lots of people are staring at me. (Giving my talk at #TED.) —ev

That’s a TED and a Twitter first.