Two lightweight new ways to download TEDTalks

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Hello there! Get the updated TED Talks download instructions.

This post is for historical interest only :)

If you’re on a low-bandwidth or spotty internet connection, sometimes it’s easier to download a TEDTalk than to watch online through our streaming video player. This week we’ve rolled out two new ways to find and download our smallest, lightest — but still very crisp and watchable — video files for your favorite talks.

First, we’ve added the “Low-res video (MP4)” option on every Talk page. Clicking on the small “Download” button below the video player (circled in the graphic above) brings up this menu of options, which also include our regular-size download and our ultra-crisp but larger 480p high-res file.

Second, we’ve built this lightweight, text-only Quick List to let you bypass the individual Talk page and download a bunch of talks at once. The Quick List contains every downloadable TEDTalk in low, regular and high def. (If you’re curious why the number at the top of this list isn’t 1,000+, our Best of the Web series is streaming only. You won’t find Steve Jobs or JK Rowling on the Quick List, but you can watch them online anytime right here.)

We built these tools in response to feedback from TED fans around the world. And we always welcome your suggestions — hit the comments below.