More TEDsters on Al Gore's talk

unknown.jpgTwo days of sitting next to Al, with some intense ongoing conversation, proved to me that he was wholly focused on substance rather than form, and graced by a biting sense of humor, the real stuff of which leaders should be made! — Janet M. Baker

Al Gore takes climate change personally — at TED, Al Gore looked at me directly, shook my hand firmly, remembered my email, spoke to my points and then I realized that he had done this a hundred thousand times to get this message to the world. — James Kocis

He may have lost a smaller battle, but because of it, has triumphed in a global one. Thank you Mr. Gore for shining a strong light through the collective haze. — Robert Leslie

Gore, at TED06, humbly communicated his kicks and shocks as lessons. In mythology, the Fool immediately takes over and drives the horses straight for the precipice. Gore in an auspicious manner kept still, and in attempting to heal the earth of its toxicity resurrected himself. — Dr. Denise Phillips-Kelly

I was deeply struck by how his resolute commitment to his message, over time, was beginning to be heard. — Bruce Kelly

Al: I didn’t believe it before I heard your talk — now I know it’s true. — Bernice Cramer