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Video: Opening titles for Moments of Truth, Session 1 of TEDGlobal

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Each session of TEDGlobal 2013 has a unique set of opening titles, curated by We Are Pi — the firm that created that gorgeous kaleidoscope video for TEDxSummit. Each set of titles is in a different style, with great music, and we’re excited to share them with you! The titles for Session 1 are a collaboration with artist/illustrator Vasco Vicente, who painted the title and every speaker’s name with translucent UV paint that glows under ultraviolet blacklight. The perfect way to illuminate “Moments of Truth.”

Agency: WE ARE Pi
Director: Camille Herren
Country: Netherlands
Collaborators: Vasco Vicente
Description: Born and raised in Switzerland, Camille went to film school in New York and later Prague where he graduated with honors and won an award for Best Cinematography. He recently worked at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam as one of the six Kennedys and is now directing full time. His latest work includes spots for Sony, Asics and Amnesty Intl.