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Visualizing the volunteers of TEDxTehran

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TEDxTehran-mainAt TEDxTehran, one volunteer is a gold medal swimmer. Another is a personal chef. Of the volunteers for this event, which will take place on February 14, 75% are bilingual. Meanwhile, 30% speak three languages.

Organizer Sara Mohammadi decided to create a visualization, below, of the TEDxTehran volunteers because the process of interviewing them was so inspiring.

“What was amazing and overwhelming was the diversity of our volunteer applicants,” she says. “There was so much passion in every single one of the 60 applicants we reviewed … It left a lasting impression on me about the untapped potential of Iranian youth and their willingness to create. I just wanted to give some color and a voice to all those people who applied as volunteers, who came to for Tehran interviews — some taking trains from other cities — and also to underline that TEDxTehran is only made possible because of a group of local Iranians who are volunteering their time, skill and energy for a non-profit cause.”

Below, see the infographic for this event, as well as some very cool speaker posters.