Visualizing TED2008 with BigViz

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At TED2008 in Monterey, two sketch artists captured the Big Questions live as they happened — watching each speaker, sketching their impressions, and feeding everything into a groundbreaking new system for sharing and connecting ideas. Autodesk‘s BigViz system is an interactive way to record and synthesize big ideas in a collaborative environment — what better place to show it off than at TED?

Two visual cartographers, David Sibbet and Kevin Richards, made more than 700 sketches in the Steelcase Simulcast room using Wacom tablets and Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro, highlighting memorable quotes … great questions … unexpected connections. Their sketches of TED2008 have been turned into a 200-page book, available for download as a PDF. Visit the Autodesk site to learn more about the tag-team process of sketch-blogging and the groovy touchscreen from Jeff Han‘s Perceptive Pixel.