Watch Chris Anderson on CNN Money

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Last weekend, TED curator Chris Anderson sat down with CNN Money and shared a bold idea with host Ali Velshi: that ideas can make for a better future, with more pie for us all to enjoy.

“A lot of the talks are about ways of repatterning the future. We have these different words for it — design or invention or imagination or even entrepreneurship. In a way to me, those are all the same thing. That is a human being looking at the world, forming a model of it in their mind and going, ‘Wait a sec. I could repattern that and make that better,’” says Anderson. “What that’s doing is creating possibility … Ideas build on each other. They are the underlying engine that creates human progress for the long term.”

It’s a beautiful way to look at what we do at TED — spread the possibility for change.

Other thing to notice about this segment? The online title is: “Washington, this is what collaboration looks like.”