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Watch Karen Armstrong on Bill Moyers Journal

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TED Prize blog: Friday night at 9pm (in most US cities), tune in to Bill Moyers Journal for an interview with TED Prize winner Karen Armstrong on the Charter for Compassion. From the show:

My work has continually brought me back to the notion of compassion. Whichever religious tradition I study, I find at the heart of it is the idea of feeling with the other, experiencing with the other, compassion. And every single one of the major world religions has developed its own version of the Golden Rule. Don’t do to others what you would not like them to do to you.

… We’ve got to do better than this. Compassion doesn’t mean feeling sorry for people. It doesn’t mean pity. It means putting yourself in the position of the other, learning about the other. Learning what’s motivating the other, learning about their grievances.

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Watch Karen Armstrong make her audacious wish during the TED Prize session at TED2008: