Week Two of the TEDTalks re-upload

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Starting last week, we’ve been updating all 300+ TEDTalks with freshly encoded video. We anticipate it will take another week or so to refresh everything on the site. Our deepest thanks to the many people who’ve volunteered to help screen the new talks.

RSS users: Please note that, although most of our RSS feeds are working fine, some Google Reader feeds are picking up all the archive talks as we re-upload them, sometimes multiple times. We’re working on a workaround for this — but in the meantime, if you see a long list of TEDTalks come into your Google Reader all at the same time, in alphabetical order, you can safely ignore them — or scan the list for talks you might have missed.

Also this week, we’re testing our brand-new video player. (You can preview the player in Virginia Postrel’s blog entry, below.) More news on this soon.

If you’d like to help screen the new video, drop me a note with the subject line “TED video.” We’ll assign you a few talks to watch, and ask for your feedback via a short form.

And if you’re watching any TEDTalk and notice a glitch, use our form to let us know.

Thanks for all your help and feedback during this push!