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We’re launching a new way of exploring ideas.

Ideas are the lifeblood of TED. They are the focal point of every talk, the fulcrum of every conversation and discussion. They’re also impossible to pin down, forever evolving, growing and adapting as the world around them changes. is built to celebrate this: to track ideas that began decades ago and are now forging our current reality. And to follow new ideas that are still little more than crazy thoughts in their inventors’ heads.

Our goal is to provide useful context, relevant backstories and fresh, thought-provoking ways of looking at ongoing challenges. We’ll provide a smart, friendly space for discussion of the issues worth discussing.


The TED Blog will change a bit with this launch. First, we have a readable new design, created with the TED 2.0 aesthetic in mind. And beyond that, we have rethought our content and are doubling down on making the TED Blog the home for great stories about TED communities and initiatives, bringing together news from TEDx, from the winners of the TED Prize, from the TED Fellows, TED-Ed, conference attendees, our Open Translation Project and more.

This is where we’ll share stories about the impact TED has on people’s lives (because we hear that our events and talks change organizations, individuals, even cultures) and ask for your stories too. Because the TED community is truly global, with remarkable breadth, diversity and passion. And that’s an idea worth celebrating.