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What talks have resonated most with you? Tweet TED’s billionth video view

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One billion. That’s a thousand millions. In other words, the number of seconds contained in 31 and a half years. The population of the continent of Africa, as of 2011. The number of inches that would stretch halfway across the Earth. And the number of users of Facebook hit in October.

Our curator Chris Anderson says of this milestone, “The spread of TED Talks across languages and borders suggests that intellectual curiosity is demonstrably alive and well.  Maybe the Internet isn’t dumbing us down after all.”

To mark this event, we’d love to hear from you. Below, two hashtags currently gaining steam on Twitter: #TEDBillion and #topTED.


With this hashtag, share the TED Talk that has just never quite gotten out of your head. Has a TED Talk ever changed your life? Have you seen a TED Talk impact a community or individual? What’s the one talk you want everyone to watch next?

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With this hashtag, talk about our newly launched Playlists section. Is there a topic playlist that’s calling your name? Or is one of our guest-curated playlists piquing your interest? You can make a playlist of your own by giving speakers names or, as always, share your favorite talk.

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