What’s your idea of fun? Contribute to a TED crowdsourced video

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Fun: it comes in many shapes, sizes, temperatures and forms. What does fun mean to you?

We are creating a crowdsourced video about what fun looks like all over the world, and would love to see your contribution! This week, take a few minutes to make a video of fun in action and send it to us. You might see your definition of fun on soon.

Watch the video above to see what kind of footage we’re looking for. Ideally, we’d like clips that are 5 to 15 seconds long, that show fun as it happens rather than someone talking about it after the fact. HD footage of activities is preferred, but we are open to anything … as long as you keep it clean. Bonus points if you show something unique to your town or your country! We’ll be accepting submissions through Monday, July 7th.

Here are four ways you can submit footage:

  1. Email as an attachment to (up to 25MB)
  2. Use this link to send files up to 75MB via DropItToMe:
    Password: fun
  3. Share a Dropbox / Hightail link with us
  4. Share a YouTube / Vimeo link with us

In order for us to recognize your contribution, please make sure you name your file like so: We’re excited to see what you’ve got to share.