What's your Behar factor?

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Last year on the TEDBlog we asked “what’s your Starck factor?” Prior to hearing him blow the roof off of TED2007 with his spectacular meditation on design and the universe and bloop-bloop, I found it very instructive to take an inventory of Mr. Starck’s influence on my existence. In all, I found I used four Starck designs in my daily life, and could easily justify lusting after another two.

In about an hour at TED2008 we’ll have the pleasure of hearing from another remarkable designer, Yves Behar. So what’s your Behar factor?

My Behar factor is One. Unfortunately, I only have one Behar design in my life, but I could imagine owning many more, such as his Leaf lamp or the XO laptop.

But what of the one? It’s the Jawbone headset, a product that’s enhanced my daily routine in many ways.

I never drive while on the phone, so I end up using the Jawbone mostly while I’m at work. It is a handy tool for spreading memes: I keep it in my left ear, allowing me to take right-handed business calls with my Cisco IP phone, and stay on hold with United Airlines via my mobile phone on the left. Borg-like? Yes. Productive? Yes. A way to have some more cool design in my life? Most certainly!

What’s your Behar factor?