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Who Are We?: The speakers in Session 11 of TED2013

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Session11_WhoAreWeThe name says it all: this session took a look at everything that human beings do, think and know. From thoughts on what makes a civilization decline to the roots of our morality, these speakers shared some of the stats and stories that point to our collective identity.

Here, the speakers who appeared in this session. Click on their name to read a recap of their talk:

Jim Flynn challenges our fundamental assumptions about intelligence.

Pulling from psychology, evolutionary theory, history and more, Daniel Ogilvie is trying to understand humankind’s deep-seated belief in the soul.

Daniel Reisel searches for the psychological and physical roots of human morality.

Amanda Palmer, whose talk “The art of asking” appeared on today, came back for a heartbreaking piano performance.

Jared Diamond investigates why cultures prosper or decline. In his latest book, he suggests that technological civilization is only a fraction of the human narrative.

Joshua Prager’s journalism unravels historical secrets — including his own.