Who wrote about TED2012? A roundup

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First of all, we counted, and the TED Blog live-bloggers wrote ~34,000 words about what happened at TED2012 over the past week. That’s enough to make word count on two young-adult novels, and there’s some beautiful writing in there. Someone on Facebook called it “insanely detailed” … you’ll see. Read our coverage of TED2012 >>

… or catch up on Twitter at @TEDNews, where we only maxed out our API calls once this week. During Sherry Turkle’s talk, in fact.

And there’s so much more great writing and video about this year’s conference …

Karen Eng followed the TED Fellows all week, doing interviews and shooting video. She caught some powerful, personal moments … some gorgeous note-taking … some speculative wonderments … as well as wrapping up every day and every workshop. Catch up on the TED Fellows blog >>

Mark Fraunfelder of boingboing made on-the-spot videos with Frank Warren, Lucy McRae, Bre Pettis and many more speakers and TED Fellows. See boingboing’s coverage of TED2012 >>

At the Observer, Carole Cadwalladr live-blogged the whole conference and picked 10 innovations from TED2012 that could help shape a better world >>

For Wired, Steven Levy mused on TED and Meta-TED as part of Wired’s insightful full coverage >>

… and more (insights from bloggers) … and more (what our speakers learned) …