Who is blogging from TEDGlobal 2007 in Tanzania?

Two dozen bloggers from around Africa and elsewhere are covering the sessions and the between-session action at TEDGlobal this week. We’ll be sharing excerpts of the blogs’ coverage on this site, and we encourage you to dive into the blogs below, both during and after the conference — many bloggers say they are waiting until they get home to form their thoughts.

If you’re a TEDGlobal blogger and you’d like to be added to this list, please send a comment.

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Live-blogging every session:
My Heart’s in Accra, by Ethan Zuckerman

Bloggers at TEDGlobal:
Erik Hersman, of White African and AfriGadget
David McQueen
Mental Acrobatics
Soyapi Mumba, who is also Twittering
Andrew Heavens, at Meskel Square
Africa Beat, by Jennifer Brea
Rafiq Phillips at WebAddiCT
Harinjaka, in French
Fran Osseo-Asare, of Betumi: The African Food Network
Ramon Thomas, of NETucation
Ndesanjo Macha, who writes Digital Africa, in English, and Jikomboe, in Swahili
Mwenye Macho… in Swahili
Ellen Horne at Radio Lab in Tanzania
Sam Ritchie
Reuben Abraham at Zoo Station

Bloggers who might be too busy to blog this week, but whose sites are always worth checking out:
Kenyan Pundit, by TED Conference speaker and blogger Ory Okolloh
Africa Unchained and Timbuktu Chronicles, by TEDGlobal conference director Emeka Okafor