Who's blogging from Pangea Day?

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(Above: a scene from Thursday’s tech rehearsal on the Pangea Day set)

UPDATED: You can follow news from Pangea Day on the Pangea Day Blog — and get updates from bloggers at screenings and viewing parties around the world. If you’re going to be blogging Pangea Day as well, write to us with the subject line “Blogging Pangea Day” and we’ll add you to the list!

Hosting Pangea Day events and blogging:

+ At the Ammarin Bedouin Camp in Beidha/Petra
+ Pangea Day Dharavi/Mumbai
+ A New York City screening hosted by the Acumen Fund
+ Friends of Pangea Day Vancouver
+ Pangea Day Cambridge UK
+ Pangea Day Milano
+ At Wide Awake Living
+ Jack Hidary
+ Na Lua Nova will blog in Portuguese (from a birthday party!)