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The why and how of effective altruism: Peter Singer’s talk visualized

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If you’re lucky enough to live without want, it’s a natural impulse to want to try and help others. Peter Singer: The why and how of effective altruism Peter Singer: The why and how of effective altruism But what’s the most effective way to give? This was the question¬†philosopher Peter Singer asked in his 2013 TED Talk, given in Long Beach, California, and he shared some surprising thought experiments to help balance emotion and practicality. This talk was the latest to be given the graphic treatment by Superinteressante. Each month, the magazine’s editors select one TED Talk for a visual makeover. This imaginative vision was published as part of an issue of the magazine with¬†“Change” as its central theme, inspired by the mass protests that took place in Brazil this summer.


(See also the first infographic in this series, illustrating David Blaine’s experiment to hold his breath for an astonishing 17 minutes. And the great take on the talk in which eyeborg-wearer Neil Harbisson explains how he hears color.)