WIRED Rave Awards for Cameron Sinclair, Peter Diamandis, Saul Griffith …

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Rave_awardsTEDPrize winner Cameron Sinclair is having a very good year. Fresh on the heels of both the TEDPrize and the RISD/Target Emerging Designer Award, tonight he’ll receive a WIRED Rave Award, recognizing him and his wife/Architecture for Humanity co-founder Kate Stohr for innovation in architecture.

WIRED is also raving about other TED speakers, who’ll be honored tonight in San Francisco and profiled in the June magazine. These include X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis (for Science), and inventor Saul Griffith — or rather, his company, Squid Labs (for industrial design).

The annual WIRED Maverick award will be awarded collectively to four individuals — George Clooney, Jeff Skoll, Steven Soderbergh and TEDster Mark Cuban — representing the “New Hollywood.” And a new award has been added: “Faced with the prospect of handing out yet another well-deserved Rave Award to Steve Jobs, WIRED’s editors took the unprecedented step of creating a separate award in his honor,” the press release explains. “The inaugural Steve Jobs Award, recognizing sustained excellence and creative genius, goes to … Steve Jobs.”