“Wisdom’s Home”

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This is part of an ongoing spotlight created by Black@TED, TED’s employee resource group for staff who identify as Black.


“Wisdom’s Home”
by Dian Lofton

This piece describes a re-establishing of our own intuition, creating a space for us to reconnect with, reflect on and appreciate what we intuitively know.

Making images has been a long-term practice for me. Paper collage is my art meditation. A playful SVA course introduced me to improvisational collage-making. I choose a random prompt word like “bridge” or  “ghost” or “window” to get me started, and I often end up somewhere unexpected. Giving myself limits helps me focus my intention. A 10-minute collage is my favorite challenge — don’t overthink, just do it. I wait until the last minute to glue to keep my options open. Sometimes I use only one magazine page (front and/or back), or allow myself just three paper shapes.

Less makes me think more.


As a creative professional for over twenty years, Dian Lofton has honed a sophisticated knowledge and hands-on experience of visual imagery for marketing, communications and content production in media and the educational publishing space.

Her motivator is helping others, especially children and young people, to learn, improve and empower themselves. She loves life-long learning and anywhere curiosity, creativity and learning intersect.

She’s also a mom to twin teen boys who keep her on her creative toes.