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“Wish granted,” says TED Prize winner Cameron Sinclair

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In the Huffington Post, Cameron Sinclair reports:

Today is a very big day for my 2006 TED Prize.

Thanks to this. It’s granted. Done. Finito. Complete.

“This” is a brand-new iPad app called Open Architecture. It uses the power of Sinclair’s Open Architecture Network to help users discover and explore innovative building projects. Think of it, Sinclair says, as “the YouTube of sustainable design.”

The app is available now in the iTunes Store, and it costs $2.99. As Sinclair writes:

All the proceeds of the application are being placed towards projects that are improving lives and selected through a virtual credit system by app owners. The first three projects to be funded will be a youth technology center in the slums of Nairobi, housing for those displaced by floods in Pakistan and a cultural center in New Orleans. As each project is funded, Architecture for Humanity will build those buildings, and additional structures will be added to the app, creating a unique ability to support and track projects in real time. Think Farmville, but you are actually supporting farms that are feeding real families!

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