World AIDS Day: Educate, support, prevent.

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Every year, on December 1, the global community comes together on World AIDS Day to learn more about the virus and lend support to those living with HIV/AIDS.. This year’s theme is “Universal Access and Human Rights.”

To increase awareness of the effects of the AIDS virus, and to help understand its spread and possible preventative measures, we’d like to offer three TED Talks, each capturing a different aspect of this global issue. Mitchell Besser shares his innovative solution for HIV/AIDS education, support and prevention in sub-Saharan Africa, where medical professionals are in short supply. Elizabeth Pisani gives a witty, rational breakdown of the barriers to education on the spread of this 21st century epidemic. Finally, Annie Lennox delivers an account of her personal journey to becoming an activist for the cause.

Mitchell Besser: Mothers helping mothers fight HIV

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Elizabeth Pisani: Sex, drugs and HIV — let’s get rational

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Annie Lennox: Why I am an HIV/AIDS activist

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