WSF report: Greengenuity

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TED’s June Cohen reports via Twitter on the World Science Festival session “Greengenuity“, where she’s hearing from the screen designer for One Laptop per Child (the “$100 laptop”):

The OLPC gal is asked about the new …
… touchscreen-driven design (from the wonderful Yves Behar)
An “oohhh” goes thru the crowd when she explains how the mesh network works, letting each laptop act as a relay point
She points out another advantage of it: the keyboards become software and not hardware, allowing for multiple languages

Now over to ecovative design
They do nature-based, low-tech, bio-tech solutions
Oh this is very cool. They get mushroom cells to absorb another type of material, and grow in a brick shape…
Instant organic styrofoam replacement!

Check out June’s Twitter feed for more updates!