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X marks the spot: This week’s TEDx Talks

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Each week, TEDx chooses four of our favorite talks, highlighting just a few of the enlightening speakers from the TEDx community, and its diverse constellation of ideas worth spreading. Below, give this week’s talks a listen.

Why you hate math: Laura Overdeck at TEDxWestVillageWomen
When dining out, how often do you slide your check across the table and wait for someone else to figure out the tip? Laura Overdeck explores the ways a cultural aversion to math is costing Americans — especially young girls — and what we can do to take the anxiety out of mathematics. (Filmed at TEDxWestVillageWomen)

Can you forgive a politician?: Gervase Warner at TEDxPortofSpain
The people of Trinidad and Tobago are well-regarded all over the world, says Gervase Warner. So why is there so much crime, corruption, and fear in the country? In an impassioned talk, Warner delves into a legacy of political dysfunction and distrust that holds lessons for the citizens of all nations. (Filmed at TEDxPortofSpain)

Think like your ancestors: Suzannah Lipscomb at TEDxSPS
People tend to overemphasize similarities and ignore differences when comparing the present with the past, says Suzannah Lipscomb. But differences have a lot to teach us. At TEDxSPS, she examines how analyzing the habits of our ancestors might give us a greater appreciation and understanding of people today. (Filmed at TEDxSPS)

Hey doctor, wait longer to cut the umbilical cord!: Alan Greene at TEDxBrussels
When a baby is born, the first thing doctors do is clamp and sever the umbilical cord. But could this common practice actually harm the infant? Alan Greene warns that millions of kids might be affected by not having the opportunity to receive crucial oxygen-, iron-, and stem cell-rich blood after birth, and calls for doctors around the world to optimize the timing of umbilical cord removal. (Filmed at TEDxBrussels)

Below, find some highlights from the TEDx blog this week: