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X Marks the Spot: This week’s TEDx Talks

Photo: mshwaiko

Photo: mshwaiko

Each week, TEDx chooses four of our favorite talkshighlighting just a few of the enlightening speakers from the TEDx community, and its diverse constellation of ideas worth spreading. Below, give this week’s talks a listen.

Mapping conservation projects across Africa: Alta De Vos at TEDxStellenbosch
Millions of dollars and thousands of volunteers are employed in conservation efforts across Africa, but until recently there was no way to keep track of exactly what was going on. Seizing an opportunity to fix this, Alta De Vos and her team developed the online MAPA project, a platform that allows conservationists to share and keep track of their projects across the continent. (Filmed at TEDxStellenbosch)

The information imbalance: Mark Graham at TEDxBradford
The Internet holds a lot of promise for economic and social development, but unfortunately that promise remains unequal. At TEDxBradford, Mark Graham illustrates the geographic biases inherent in the way that information is uploaded and accessed online, and warns that the developed world might be unintentionally blocking out new ideas and innovation. (Filmed at TEDxBradford)

The benefits of online privacy: Alan Knott-Craig at TEDxStellenbosch
Widespread anonymity on the Internet is commonly viewed in a negative light, but it actually provides benefits to many users, says Alan Knott-Craig. From meeting people to finding new experiences to avoiding social stigmas, Knott-Craig explores the ways that online privacy is an important part of Internet freedom. (Filmed at TEDxStellenbosch)

The future of social media: Ricky Van Veen at TEDxWakeForestU
In this talk from TEDxWakeForestU, one of the founders of College Humor, Ricky Van Veen, lays out his vision for future social media platforms — uber-focused focused online communities dedicated to creating web identities that might even determine our actions offline. (Filmed at TEDxWakeForestU)

Below, find some highlights from the TEDx blog this week: